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between meat and mystery when they enter... the frozen zone. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery, just real, all white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients. perdue frozen chicken. all white meat. no mystery. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> good afternoon, i am alison starling. we begin in montgomery county. police are asking residents to take a good look at this man. this is a picture of 32-year-old joshua prince, armed and all hon. what is the latest, courtney
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robinson? >> officers say that he shot at his ex-girlfriend at this apartment complex. this is where he was last seen. two nearby schools locked their doors. that has been lifted. missing andstill residents are concerned. montgomery county police say this man came to the avalon apartment complex armed with a high-powered rifle. he shot at his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot at 7:15 this morning. no one was injured but officers surrounded the area to look volume. >> he could have shot anybody. >> saturday night the ex- girlfriend took out a piece order against him. one neighbor said that she ran door to door knocking for
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someone to let her in, somebody was trying to kill her. >> seeing police cars and a machine gun early in the morning. >> this man has never seen anything like this in eight years living in the complex. officers did not allow anyone to drive in or out, including this man. officers reopen the the garage. >> they told me no way. >> 270 was briefly closed. the ramp0 was closed several hours, causing a major vaca. it took this person two and a half hours to get to work as a result. >> it makes it even that more difficult. >> take another good look at this picture of joshua prince.
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he is armed and dangerous. he possibly fled in a 2004 black tahoe with maryland tag. if you see him, immediately called 911. do not approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. courtney robinson reporting. >> thank you. the discovery communications building in silver spring is fully open again. this is the first time since last week's hostage standoff. wednesday james lee took three people hostage before he was shot and killed by police. the building opened a few hours on thursday. all employees are back on the job today. investigators say that the fire that killed 29 horses in west virginia may have been deliberate. the flames broke out early yesterday morning in three barns at the crosstown races in west virginia.
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-- near the charles town races. 26 horses survived. it cost more than a million dollars in damage. there is evidence that indicates it could've been arson, but the cause has not been confirmed. summer vacation is over for hundreds of thousands of students in northern virginia. children and teachers in 10 counties are back in the classroom to start a new year. budget cuts mean big changes ahead. pamela brown is live in clifton with more. good morning. hello. for a lot of parents, back to school is bittersweet because of budget cuts. at clifton elementary school, this school could be forced to shut down after the school year. parents say that will not happen without a fight. this person is dropping her 5- year-old ford is first year at a school but she says this could
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be his last year. >> next year? that is not fair. >> it feels really sad. i hope the school board will have a change of heart and realize maybe they made a bad decision and the need to keep it open. >> a fourth grader has attended this small community school the past few years and does not want to go anywhere. >> i do not want to be separated from my friends. this is the best schools in the world. >> the fairfax county school board says the school is too small to keep up with the cost of keeping it open. 370 kids are told. the population will decline dramatically in the coming years. some parents say that they understand it boils down to the budget, but they say it will nevertheless effect on an already overloaded school system. >> it would be better if they could keep it open, mainly for the people in the community and
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it would keep enrollment around the area down. >> enrollment is up 20,000 students in fairfax county. millions have been cut from the budget. the superintendent says the school students will likely feel the pinch from previous cutbacks. >> we will feel those cutbacks for many years. >> parents are taking a hit this year in fairfax county. they are having to spend more for school related fees for athletics and advanced placement courses. at clifton elementary, the parents have filed a lawsuit against the school board to keep the school open. reporting live in fairfax county, pamela brown. coastal communities are again cleaning up after another tropical storm. this time, gulf states were the target as hermine went ashore last night. it made landfall in northern mexico. the outer bands were felt 400
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miles up the texas coast. in galveston a woman drowned in rip currents. there were women's clothes to hurricane strength that knocked out electricity to 30,000 customers around south padre island. >> i thought i would get a couple of groceries. the last time we had a hurricane, i was not prepared. >> hermine is expected to dump a foot of rain as it moves up the coast. the flooding may add insult to injury from those still cleaning up from hurricane alex in june. it is the unofficial start of fall. a summary day in our region. -- summery. adam caskey? a little taste of summer. we don't have intense humidity. 90 degrees. mostly sunny skies with high,
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thin clouds. that is a beautiful shot of frederick with sunshine. 79 degrees right now with a dew point of 56. most dew points are in the upper 50s. arlington, 86 degrees. 84 in hagerstown. we have low humidity. a cold front will move through tomorrow and that will cause changes for the end of the week. back to you. >> thank you. we r one week from the democratic primary. adrian fenty has picked up another endorsement. washington examiner says that the mayor should keep his job because of his record with crime, fiscal management, economic development, city services, and education. the paper says there is no reason to fix what is not broken. the washington post has already endorsed the mayor. a recent poll shows him still
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trailing vincent gray 13 points among registered democrats. , the top's a warning u.s. commander in afghanistan says a florida preacher's plan to burn the qur'an threatens the lives of all americans. evil.lam is of the dou >> rev. terry jones plans to burn copies of the book to mark the 9/11 incident. >> it puts our soldiers in jeopardy very likely. images of such an activity could be used by extremists. >> protesters have already filled the streets in afghanistan, some even throwing rocks at u.s. military convoy. national christian organizations have denounced the plan as well.
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jones is planning to hold the event as scheduled. four columns from the world trade center are being permanently installed today at the entrance of the september 11 museum. the museum is being built next to a memorial. it is a big week for president obama. unveiling plans to revitalize the economy. a new poll shows that he has plenty of ground to make up with voters. that could mean trouble for the president's party. john hendren reports from abc. >> president obama is in campaign mode. >> i think yes we can is more inspiring than no, we can't. >> more americans are saying no to the president. 52% disapprove of the way mr. obama is handling his job overall. more voters say the president has made the economy worse.
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>> i don't know what's going to happen with the economy. >> voters favor an unnamed republican over an unnamed republican. >> the summer kicked off with jill biden predicting a gain of 5000 jobs a month. we have lost 400,000 jobs. >> the president sounded a lot like candidate obama in milwaukee. >> i will be fighting every single day, every single minute to turn this economy around. >> it is an uphill struggle. >> these are attitudes that are very difficult to change until the conditions on the ground change. >> most economists have little hope for big change in the economy by november. it is not as the house. as a growing consensus that control in the senate is at stake. republicans would be looking at
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tennessee, a long shot at one time. loudoun county residents will be able to wweigh in on whether to bandages displays. blogging nativity scenes and menorahs -- blocking nativity scenes and menorahs. the meeting is this evening at 6:30. more setbacks in the battle against flames in colorado, now threatening 1000 houses. a milestone for local school, why the students are celebrating. a former flight attendant could now be facing jail time. when will it start to feel like duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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one of the country's most famous quitters is considering a plea deal. the former jet luton attendance steven slater soden "this morning, accused four of cursing and a passenger, then bedivere and sliding down the emergency chute. he faces a variety of charges, which could mean seven years in prison. he was an internet sensation and has 210,000 fans on facebook. equal to the airline officials last week. there's a new debate over the safety of children in airplanes. federal officials are looking at whether infants and toddlers should be allowed to ride in their parents' laps. it was triggered by an investigation into a 2009 airplane incident in montana. all 14 people on board died including seven children. the ntsb is asking the faa to
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force children and babies to sit in their own seat. hundreds of families are at risk of losing their homes. a raging wildfire in colorado forced the evacuation of at and destroyedew andss several. they're trying to control it from above with air tankers next. let's talk about our own weather. we have the first day of school and the end of summer kind of. a big transition. will it feel like it? >> not much. what i love about sep is it comes without high humidity. near 90 for the high temperature today, not oppressive heat.
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we are going disease and bigger let's look at this. within this camera at chesapeake beach we get the sun rise in full view. it was a great sunrise. it was gorgeous earlier this morning. it popped up over the horizon. it was beautiful. you cannot live with it, can't live without it. south linda 12 miles an hour. that is a southerly wind helping drive are temperatures of a little. compared with yesterday and sunday and yesterday, that is. a lot of sunshine. high, thin clouds overhead. 86 in marlon tinnon. 82 in cumberland, 86 in fredericksburg, 85 in waldorf. there is higher humidity levels. low humidity especially to the northwest.
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53 in cumberland. that is comfortable. it was 87 yesterday. five degrees above average for this time of year. today's record high is 104. we neethis was the hottest summr on record for the district. we are not going to get near the record high temperature. notice the pinwheel motion over wisconsin and minnesota. there's a cold front that will push into our region throughout the day tomorrow. behind the front is cooler air. that is the september air. the cold front we got in the summer when we would go down to 92 degrees, not like that. r high temperatures will be in the upper 70's or maybe 80 degrees for the second half of the workweek. partly cloudy tonight, dropping
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to the mid 60's or the bus stop tomorrow morning. partly cloudy and still warm tomorrow, near 90. if not very humid. thursday through friday, near 80. a dry weather pattern. of sunshine. best chance of rain on sunday. we could use this hours. a local school has a lot to celebrate today. the catholic school in takoma park unveiled four new additions including a library and a technology center. this is the first year the school will have a senior class. it's part of a nationwide network of catholic institutions that caters to low income students. a discount grocery chain is opening in northeast d.c. executives joined councilman thomas thomas santa donald fehr vincent gray at a groundbreaking this morning. aldie is planning to sell products up to 50% what traditional supermarkets charge. they have smaller store
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footprints and open cards and displays. they encourage customers to bring their own beds. -- bqags. the search -- bring their own bag. what is next for "american idol". and the hunt for new host city of the world cup. and don "the oprah show", and ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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in san francisco on a daredevil known to police as up the sideclimbed of the millennium plaza using
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suction cups. when he got to the top he was promptly arrested by police. thousands have lined up with a dream to be the next "american idol."\ mindan read your >> they have not named their new judges yet. producers are filling in at the judges' table. the show hit a low notes last year, losing viewers. randy jackson is the only original judge left. they are looking at judges from elton john to jennifer lopez to it steven tyler of aerosmith. today u.s. officials with the soccer organisation's fifa are in the district to check the city's potential to have the sportings largest event. they're looking at fedex field
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and other spots. 2018.s going to be in a change of command at abc news. the longtime president is leaving after 13 yearsh on the job. e will stay until a successor is named. -- he will stay until a successor is named. a quarter of the news division staff has gone as well.
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a dramatic end to the burning man festival in nevada. many people gathered to watch it. the annual weekend festival features lots of eclectic costumes. everything went as planned. some were treated for dehydration after hours in the high desert -- hot desert. i have the computer working. a beautiful sunrise over the bay. let's look at the forecast. near 80 degrees for the high temperatures tomorrow. thursday and friday as well. showers on sunday. we could use that moisture. thanks for joining us today. we will see you for good morning washington beginning at
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